Endospheres Therapy

Anti-cellulite body treatments, body contouring, lymphatic drainage massage, skin tightening, muscle tone.



EndoSpheres Therapy safe, effective, clinically proven therapy. Completely safe, non-invasive method, which simulates the figure, radically reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves blood circulation and lymph cells, tones the skin, has pronounced drainage and anti-edema action.

EndoSphere therapy is used to solve such problems as:

    Cellulite on problem areas (buttocks, thighs, abdomen, legs, arms)
    Bad circulation of venous blood
    Reduced muscle tone or muscle spasms
    Flabbiness and swelling of the skin

Compressive Microvibration Technology

The secret to addressing all four causes of cellulite? EndoSpheres patented technology. Compressive Micro vibration.

Micro vibration

The technology is delivered a handpiece equipped with honeycombed shaped spheres that rotate and pressure and lifting.


The technician delivers the compression with massage the treatment area with the handpiece.


EndoSpheres therapy addressing all causes of cellulite: swollen fat cells, excess fluids and toxins in the tissues, refused circulatory flow.

The Lymphatic System

Stagnation of fluid and toxins is key factor in the cellulite condition. EndoSpheres therapy increases blood and lymphatic flow thereby assisting the lymphatic system in moving and eliminating this debris from client ‘s body.

Healthy and Wellness benefits

1. Decrease in aches and pains 2. Reduced your inflammation 3. Increase’s muscle recovery and athletic recover 4. Improved lymphatic drainage 5. Reduction in stagnated fluids

Aesthetic Benefits

1. Cellulite reduction 2. Muscle toning 3. Improved college and elastin production 4. Body contouring


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Please do not book if you have any of the following:

    If you're feeling unwell, have a fever, or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19.

    If you're pregnant.

    If you're on your period, especially if it’s your stomach area being treated.

    If you have open sores, sunburn, or any skin rashes.

    If you have a pacemaker, embedded metal implants, objects, or uncontrolled heart disease.

    If you have cancer or are currently on chemotherapy treatment.

    If you have had surgery within 3 months in related treatment areas.

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